The First-Ever U.S. Batik Exhibition

Presented by Shalwalla

 August 31 - September 30, 2024

105 W Ryus Ave, La Veta, CO 81055La Veta, Colorado

Batik by Beth EvansLa Veta, CO

batik artwork

Batik by Jonathan Evans, La Veta, Colorado

About the Batik USA Exhibition

The Estelle Center is pleased to host the first-ever BatikUSA exhibition in La Veta, Colorado.
Some of the most talented batik artists from across the United States will showcase here in southern Colorado in celebration of the International Year of Batik. Come and discover stunning pieces, learn about the artists, and immerse yourself in the unique process of creating batik art throughout the month of September.
The public is welcome to attend the opening night event on Friday August 31 from 4 pm to 9 pm when 15 talented artists will present their pieces. Artists’ talks begin at 4:30 pm and refreshments and live music can be enjoyed throughout the evening.
The exhibit will be open and artwork available for purchase throughout the month of September.
This exhibition is presented by Shalawalla.

Opening Night Celebration

Saturday, August 31, 2024 4 PM to 9 PM

Join us for opening night at the Estelle Center where 15 talented artists will present their pieces. Enjoy refreshments and live music throughout the evening.

105 W Ryus Ave, La Veta, CO 81055


Batik USA show Beth Evans

Beth EvansLa Veta, Colorado

Batik USA show

Jonathan EvansLa Veta, Colorado

USA Batik Show

The Grand CanyonMary Edna Fraser


Day DreamDavid Lucht

Batik Show in USA

Deb Jo JonesOkeana, Ohio

Batik Show in USA

Before DawnHerndon Leigh

Batik Show in USA

Moon in One Hundred CupsKiranada Sterling Benjamin

First Ever USA Batik Show

Lisa KattenbrakerWashington

United States Batik Artist

Wash DayMuffy Clark Gill

First Ever USA Batik Show

Touched by SpiritMarilyn Salomon

First Ever USA Batik Show

Bari VecchiaVito Raccanelli

BatikUSA Artists

Dorothy Bunny Bowen, New MexicoMarilyn Salomon, CaliforniaKiranada Sterling Benjamin, New HampshireDeb Jo Jones, OhioMary Edna Fraser, South CarolinaDavid Lucht, KentuckyMuffy Clark Gill, FloridaLeigh Herndon, Florida

Kristina Trejo, California
Lisa Kattenbraker, Washington
Renata Ferguson, Arizona
Debbi Sigg, Utah
Vito Racanelli, Colorado
Beth M, Evans, Colorado
Jonathan S. Evans, Colorado


Batik USA Show Sponsor
Batik USA Show Sponsor
International Year of Batik

What is Batik Art?

Batik is a traditional art form that involves decorating cloth using wax and dye, creating intricate patterns and designs. This ancient technique has been practiced for centuries in various parts of the world, including China, Japan, India, South America, and Europe.

Heading photo

Creation Process of Batik

The process of making batik involves several steps:

    Drawing and Waxing The artist blocks out selected areas of the design by applying hot wax over them. The cloth is then dyed, and the parts covered in wax resist the dye, retaining the original color.
    LayeringMultiple layers of wax and dye can be applied to create elaborate and colorful designs. After the final dyeing, the wax is removed, revealing the intricate patterns on the cloth.
    Contemporary TechniquesModern batik artists use a variety of techniques such as spraying, etching, cracking, and marbling. They also employ different tools like stamps, brushes, and stencils, along with various types of wax and dyes on different surfaces.
    Expressive Art FormBatik is known for its expressiveness and subtlety, offering artists a flexible and exciting medium to explore. The process often brings unexpected elements of surprise and delight, making it a fascinating and addictive art form for many.(Source: The Batik Guild)

Pictured left is a batik by Vito Raccanelli called Bari Vecchia

Materials Used in Creating Batik

To create batik art, you will need the following materials:

Pencil & Paper

Fabric Dyes


Latex-Free Rubber Gloves


Containers with Lids for Dyes

Crockpot or Hot Plate

Clothes Iron



Tjanting Needles


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